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Request for Replacement Water Share Certificate

 Share Certificates: 3373V & 3375V

Eric Marx and Kim Marx Coombs submitted to the Springville Irrigation Company a formal Request for Replacement of Water Share Certificates on March 8, 2019.  Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 70A–8–409.1, the company is required to publish notice of such requests so that any interested party may object to the company’s issuance of a replacement share certificate.  Objections to the issuance of the requested replacement certificates must be received by the Springville Irrigation Company within sixty (60) days following the last date of publication of this Notice. If no objections are received by the company within that time, the company intends to issue replacement share certificates and the original share certificates will be permanently cancelled on the records of the company.  Any party wishing to object to the issuance of these replacement share certificates must do so in writing.  The written objection must identify the objecting party, explain the basis for the objection, and identify the party claiming a superior interest in the share (if different than the objecting party).  Any documentation supporting a superior claim of ownership must be included with the objection.  Objections are to be delivered to the Springville Irrigation Company.  Please direct questions or concerns to Springville Irrigation Company.
POSTED this 8th day of March, 2019.

Springville Irrigation Company
Albert Harmer, President